Welcome to Telerama

Telerama is for 15 years active on the phone market. Telerama is a premium supplier of Mobile web, wap, apps, SMS services and PRNs. We are on deck available on all major operators like KPN, Vodafone, Base and T-mobile.

How we can be of service?

Telerama offers all kinds of products related to, but not limited to Mobile Phones. We have an extensive range of photo and videocontent and mobile games. Our content is either mobile ready or available in the original format. We deliver branded and non branded content.

We can also help you with setting up SMS (chat )services in the Netherlands and if necessary even hook you up to our own shortcode.

If you want usage of Premium rate numbers, we can provide you with a large number of Domestic PRN's and services behind the number.


If you have any question left, please dont hesitate to contact us at cdriehuis@telerama.nl

TR partnering with WooWong
Telerama is about to close a deal with WooWong Signapore for distributing content.

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